The Future of Food

Epicurious posted an interview with futurist Christopher Barnatt, the author of the book 25 Things You Need to Know about the Future. Here is a summary of his predictions.

  • Food will be scarce and expensive due to climate change and the limited supply of water and oil.
  • Most of the food we consume will be locally grown.
  • This will mean less variety in our diet
  • Indoor vertical farms in urban areas will become the norm.
  • We will eat less meat because it is too resource intensive to produce and less fish because of overfishing.

Long term predictions  are of course dicey. But all of this sounds plausible given the way we have squandered resources. But human beings are good at adapting. I suspect that to be a gourmand in the future one will have to be either very rich or quite good at vertical farming in your home. In any case, don’t throw out your vegetarian cookbooks.


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