Amuse Buche

News items you might have missed this week, some amusing, some not so much:

  • Here are some useful wine-pairing principles from Palate Press.
  • The Wine Curmudgeon offers his take on the latest fad in wine—sweet reds. Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Former New York Mets Manager and current Boston Red Sox Manager claims to have created the wrap! Who knew?
  • Would  you eat a burger grown in a laboratory—even when cooked by a famous chef? The story is here. The food scientist that developed it calls this “a milestone in the development of novel ways to meet the global demand for meat, which is expected to double by 2050.” I recently wrote a post about the future of food.  If those speculations are true get used to more stories like this.
  • Here is an interesting discussion of how wine cultures differ from city to city.
  • When will it stop? Commercial fishing operations continue to destroy fish supplies around the world—the coast of Africa is the most recent area to see the quality of its fisheries erode because of exploitation.
  • French MacDonald’s—even their fast food is better. McDonald’s restaurants in France will soon serve a McBaguette–Charolais beef, French cheese and French mustard on a baguette. It sounds wonderful. But this is MacDonald’s after all. They will probably find a way to make this taste like all their other products.

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