Praise for Beauty and the Yeast

Intrepid wine importer, lyrical wine writer, perceptive wine sage: The only person who fits that description is Terry Theise, author of Reading Between the Wines and What Makes a Wine Worth Drinking, two of the finest wine books I’ve encountered. His writing has always been a source of inspiration for me.

I am thus grateful for and honored by the kind words he had for Beauty and the Yeast posted at his website.

…I think it’s a book that everyone who cares about wine should read – or try to read! Because, to use a wine metaphor, the text is sometimes opaque to the “civilian” yet it is always fruity. Neither stern nor austere, but written with love, from a man who seems to want us to know we don’t need to be defensive about our curious passion, because he has our backs. I recommend his book, and him.

Thank you Terry. I hope the book lives up to the encomium.

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