Is Wine Important During the Coronavirus Epidemic?

wine 1For most of us in the U.S. we are either “sheltering in place” or at least trying to get along without the usual social activities that fill our lives. The present is grim and the future opaque.

Is wine important in times like this when lives are threatened and jobs are lost or suspended? I would argue that wine (or other beautiful things) are even more important in these times.

Like all beautiful objects, wine gives us pleasure. But the experience of beauty is more than mere pleasure or enjoyment because beauty motivates and inspires us.

When I find an object beautiful, I desire to have it in my life and the beautiful object promises to make my life better when I become so committed. To find an object beautiful is to love it and to wish to care for it as well as discover its secrets. Beauty inspires commitment because it is an inexhaustible source of meaning.

More than ever we need such things in our lives right now. Whether it is wine, music, nature, art or craft we need beauty to dwell on and dwell within, to be inspired by the promise that in these dire circumstances the world contains such things—we cannot allow the capacity to be fascinated to die as we fight the virus and the loneliness.

If you haven’t watched this yet you must give it a look if you want to be inspired—it is truly moving. The Weight by the band is a great song. But you’ve never heard it performed like this.

The Weight | Song Around The World

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