How Do You Know a Wine is of Great Quality?

two dancersForget the scores, aroma notes, hype and price points. How do you know a wine is of great quality?

If you want to get to know it better.

You feel drawn to it and want to learn more. A great wine has hidden dimensions that don’t reveal themselves all at once. You have to settle in with such a wine, taste it over time, try to develop a sensitivity to its unique charms. In that sense a great wine is like a great person. .

Such wines have a supple, yielding character as if you can enter into a sympathetic relationship with the wine. Its movement becomes my movement, directing my attention so I become open to its influence. Like two dancers reacting to each other’s every move.

Wines that give you that sense of hidden depths and sympathetic vibration, that draw you in to their world, are the one’s you will remember and come back to again and again. There is something inexhaustible about them.

There really is no other criterion for a great wine. It’s a wine that moves you.

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