Wine Blog Daily Tuesday 4/3/18

A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

colorado vineyard
Colorado Vineyards

Alice Feiring posts a letter from iconic natural wine producer Nicolas Joly clarifying his position on the use of sulfur.

Ron Washam, the Hosemaster of Wine, profiles the NRA Wine Club, sick but with intriguing hints of dark humor.

Alder Yarrow predicts that Colorado is the next emerging region to watch.

The Wine Curmudgeon writes that every day is April Fool’s day in the wine world.

Bob On Sonoma argues that Zinfandel has an identity problem.

Cellar Tours takes a tour through the major and minor varietals of Bordeaux.

Margaret Rand reports that Bordeaux en primeur prices will fall for the 2017 vintage.


Selected Reviews:

Jameson Fink praises the Siete Red from Rioja without using exclamation marks. He really liked it.

Fredric Koeppel reviews the Portlandia Pinot Gris, Oregon 2016.

Jamie Goode reviews several new English sparkling wines.

Food Wine Click profiles Domaine de l’A , the home vineyard of Bordeaux-based wine consultants, Stéphane and Christine Derenoncourt

Simon Wolf reviews the Meskhuri Tetri 2015, a Georgian wine made from almost extinct grape varieties and harvested from wild vines up to 400 years old.

Pull That Cork reviews  the Il Censo Praruar Terre Siciliane Bianco, an orange wine from Sicily made with  Catarratto grapes.

My Wine Pal reviews the Üllo Wine Purifier an aerator and filter that allegedly traps sulfites, for those who suffer adverse reactions from sulfited wine.

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