Wine Blog Daily Monday 4/2/18

A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

spring time in the vineyardThe Wine Gourd explains why artificial intelligence is not yet able to contribute much to the wine world. If you want to understand the limits of contemporary AI, this is an excellent primer.

Lisa Zimmerman reports on the ethical problems of a major, new, soon-to-be-released study on the health effects of alcohol consumption which is mostly funded by the liquor industry.

Crushed Grape Chronicles tells a photogenic tale of what happens during spring time in the vineyard.

Talk-A-Vino reports on several off beat news stories in the wine world that might have escaped your notice.

Alfonso Cevola, On the Wine Trail in Italy, reflects on mortality and the essence of wine.

Pam Strayer at Organic Wines Uncorked has the headline: “Gallo, The Wine Group and Constellation Brands Announce Total Conversion to Organic and Biodynamic Vines; Expect to Double Revenues”. Please note the date of this post.

Wine to Five podcast chats up Arthur Black, wine educator and Sales Manager of RNDC.


Selected Reviews:

Jamie Goode reviews the wines of Daterra Viticultores located in Galicia’s Ribeira Sacra.

Fredric Koeppel discovers infinite  delicacy in the Joh. Jos. Prüm Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Kabinett 2016, Mosel,

Jameson Fink reviews Seven Hills Winery Rosé from Columbia Valley, Washington made from Cabernet Franc.

Red Wine Please spots a rare bird—a good Pinot Noir for under $12.

Tim Lemke reviews the Christian Petat Pecorino from Terre Di Cheiti in Abruzzo, Italy. Pecorino is a rarely available in the U.S.

wineORL continues has review of grower Champagnes with a profile of Anselme Selosse and Domaine Jacques Selosse.

Wine Travel Eats’ wine of the week is Sainsbury’s Fairtrade Carménère

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