Wine Blog Daily Tuesday 2/20/18

A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

Peter Pharos takes on the old canard that the wine world is full of snobbery.

Cellar Tours has a charming post about the most beautiful villages in Burgundy.

Jamie Goode helping with the harvest at Gabrielskloof has moved into the winery helping to manage the ferments.

Deborah Parker Wong educates us about modern styles of Tokaji.

Matt Walls reports on the urban wineries beginning to pop up in London.

Tom Wark takes issue with the lack of regulations regarding health claims made by pot producers.

The Wine Curmudgeon discusses the down side of Big Wine’s market dominance.

Jo Diaz describes the current state of Petite Sirah with the help of Matt Moye of Vincent Arroyo.

Madeline Puckette at Wine Folly provides an overview of natural wine.

Selected Reviews:

Randy Caparoso features the iconic Lodi producer M2.

Wayward Wines reviews several wines from Chateau Rongzi, Shanxi, China.

Jon Thorsen finds sophistication for $7 in 2015 David Frost Trader Joe’s Red.

John Fodera uses only superlatives to describe the 2011 Castello dei Rampolla Sammarco, a Tuscan wine from the legendary Giacomo Tachis.

Miquel Hudin reviews the Reserve Wild Carignan 2015 from Recanati the Isreali producer.

And these fondue bites from Strong Coffee to Red Wine look really good!


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