A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

japanese vineyardThe Alcohol Professor has an informative post about Japanese wine and viticulture.

The Wine Economist explains the stupidity of Trump and brexit on trade agreements.

Jamie Goode profiles the South African winery Gabrielskloof where he has been helping with harvest.

Blake Gray writes about the thriving wine industry in Lebanon.

The Wine Curmudgeon covers free wine shipping, evidence of ancient wine and a trade war.

Susannah Gold continues her exploration of Italian indigenous varietals with a look at Moscato di Scanzo.

Selected Reviews:

Fredric Koeppel finds value in the Côté Mas Rouge Intense 2016, from Coteaux du Languedoc.

food wine click profiles the Lodi producer Markus Wine Company.

JvB Uncorked samples Markus’s Blue 2015, a Zin dominated blend.

Allison Levine profiles the Priorat co-op Capçanes.

Do Bianchi samples a sparkling wine from Oltrepò Pavese,  a DOCG and a DOC in southern Lombardy