Wine Review: Edwards Vineyards and Cellars Syrah Ramona Valley 2012

edwards2“With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony and the deep power of joy we see into the life of things”, wrote the poet Wordsworth. Power seems to rule the world but it can accomplish nothing without equipoise and affinity, the harmony of good taste writ large.

From my favorite winery in one of my favorite wine regions comes this new release that will likely not bring harmony to the universe but can instruct us in what harmony is. All the elements so gently speak to each other, I thought I was in church although that feeling quickly passed.

Dried cherry is prominent with hints of anise, milk chocolate and faint crushed rock in the background. With lovely roundness and purity of fruit, the complexity at this point is just beginning to emerge, and if past vintages are an indicator will develop some of the character of a forest floor in autumn with a few more months in the bottle.

It is on the palate where this wine earns its Wordsworth quote. It’s round and dense upfront yet softly textured even as the tannins begin to swell. A seam of minerality enters midpalate lifting the wine as it murmurs of sweet oak. The tannins are a revelation, fine grained and seemingly gentle but with great presence, caressing but with undertow, gathering its energy via a slowly rising tide of tactile sensations that patiently adds firmness becoming more pointed and angular at terminus. The years in barrel have been very kind to this estate wine, and are an indicator of the patience and care with which it is made.

Harmony without effort calm and dignified yet amiable this wine will quiet any storm brewing in the heart. Sip while unraveling Jan Garbarek’s A Knot of Time and Place.

Score: 93

Price: $29 (Purchase here)

Alc: 15%

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