A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

Blake Gray gives a thoughtful summation of the Wine Enthusiasts Top 100 if you can summarize something that appears to have no order.

Chardonnay is often dubbed the winemaker’s grape. Bob Hunnicut explains why.

Joe Roberts is wild about the little known Grignolino grape from Monferrato, and then moves on to the large, Barbera producing co-op Vinchio Vaglio.

If you think a vineyard cannot stop a fire, check out Tom Wark’s photos of several vineyards that did just that. Can grapes be heroes?

Allison Levine at Please the Palate attends an L.A. food and drink festival with social responsibility in the hospitality industry as a theme. It’s good to know someone has some.

If you like hearing about the earliest wine experiences of sommeliers, Decanter has a few. They are inspiring.

Oliver Styles wonders if money can buy taste. I say no.