michael david syrahOh my. A mammoth, raging bull of a wine, pawing the ground and preparing to charge. Aromas of very ripe berry, coffee, with cinnamon hints against a raw wood background avenge all those feeble French wines you’ve been drinking. In the mouth, it’s in your face. Ripe fruit tempered by milk chocolate feels broad, heavy and a bit coarse but with plenty of linear fruit power carrying through the medium-length finish. With tannins turning powdery, its the angular acidity that gives this wine length battling for every inch. The alcohol is well disguised on the nose but feels a bit hot in the mouth.

As a reviewer, wines like this give me headaches trying to give it a fair assessment. For people who like uber-power and strength with lots of weight this wine will make you dance like a matador. But there is utterly no finesse. It’s not something I would drink regularly but it wasn’t designed to be nuanced. It’s not pretending.

Pair with a T-bone and some Prophets of Rage.

Score: 89

Price: $15 (Purchase Here)

Alc: 15%