Marchetti Verdecchio Dei Castelli di Jesi Classico 2011

marchetti verdecchio Some wines are easy to fall in love with; others require a little getting used to. This Verdecchio from Marches on the Eastern coast of Italy took its time showing its virtues but it finally came around.

Verdecchio makes an acidic wine. Combined with the bitter edge that Italian wines are known for, the onslaught of prickles, puckers, and piquancy was a lot to handle at first. But as your palate adapts, subtle flavor notes appear that give this wine some complexity and I came to enjoy the bitterness once the full picture of the wine came into view. And the bottle is kinda cool as well.

It’s restrained on the nose; you have to dig for the flavors. Undertones of pear, lemon, and almond support bright, dill-like herbal aromas with a medicinal quality that plays hide-and-seek. The palate is medium body and very lively with lemon, pear and almond dominating. There is of course no oak. A refreshing, long and bitter finish makes this a good choice on a really hot summer day.

Marches is a region of Italy that is under-represented in the U.S. and Verdecchio is the classic grape from this region. So this wine is a good opportunity to get acquainted with one of the lesser-known Italian wine regions.

Score: 86/100

Alc: 12.5%


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