There is Something Wrong with This Picture

taste atlas cuisinesTaste Atlas is a website devoted to cataloguing traditional dishes and local ingredients around the world. Each year they publish several lists such as “World’s Best Dishes,” “World’s Best Cuisines,” “World’s Best Local Restaurants.”

According to Wikipedia, they use a team of 30 authors—gastronomy professionals, critics, etc. rather than user generated content–to do their research.

I find this list of the World’s Best Cuisines highly contentious to say the least:

I’m OK with Italian as #1 and Spain #3. I like Greek food but is it really worthy of #2?

And French cuisine at #9 behind Mexico, Turkey, and the U.S? How the mighty have fallen. I’m assuming the U.S. has its position because of Barbecue, Burgers, and New Orleans cuisine (Commander’s Palace is listed as the best restaurant for U.S. cuisine) I’m OK with that.

Most egregiously, Thai cuisine is #30 behind English food #29 and far behind Croatian cuisine at #17 and Germany at #15.

This list is certainly worthy of a food fight.


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