Decisions, Decisions….

hard decisionsNo, not that decision. I’ve already voted. The momentous decision we all face today is what to drink on election night (although some pundits are insisting we may need fortification for a week until we know the results).

In 2016, I got really burned. Anticipating a celebration, I opened a special sparkling wine from the Finger Lakes (from Hermann J. Wiemer)  only to watch the returns go south shortly after the polls closed.

Once bitten twice shy—one would think I learned my lesson.

But no. I have another (more modest) sparkling wine ready to go. Hope springs eternal.

But this year I have a back-up. A bottle of bourbon if things go south again.

As I sit here writing, the ear worm that won’t go away comes from the Ramones: “Twenty four, twenty four hours to go, I want to be sedated”


  1. Bourbon …….irrespective of the outcome; actually …… Tennessee sipping whiskey will work just as well, 🙂


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