scholium severitaIf you think you know what Sauvignon Blanc tastes like, think again. From one of the pioneers of creative winemaking, Abe Schooner was a philosophy professor before a bite from the wine bug persuaded him to put away the grade book.

This is an unusual flavor profile–tropical pineapple wrapped in menthol with dried apricot (I would guess from some creative use of oxidation)

On the palate, citrus notes emerge on a complex body. Up front the wine is round and full with a bit of sweetness but weightless and almost ethereal. It acquires viscosity just as the midpalate stiffens and develops this strange feeling of force becoming a sinewy animal seeing nature ferocious in it. As the minerality becomes penumbral it swallows the fruit power producing a micro-thin thread of minerality that insinuates a small jolt of electricity into every nook and cranny of this everlasting finish.  Darting, oscillating, prickly, giving in to every niggling urge, is it soft or angular, smooth or rough? It’s all of those things.

Anguished, but rebellious and confrontational, grimly holding on to the light, a wine for our times and Radiohead’s 2 +2=5.

Technical Notes: From Sonoma Mountain grapes, cool maceration for 48 hours.

Score: 93

Price: $28

Alc: 13.3%