Budget Wine Review: Root: 1 Carménère Colchagua Valley Chile 2016

root 1Root 1 is an brand owned by Viña Ventisquero, a large Chilean producer with an agro-business history.

This entry level offering is a bit too slutty. Lurid flavors pop from the glass—gobs of ripe, dark berries hide behind red bell pepper, a wild herbal scent, vanilla, and charred wood. Carménère character on steroids.

The palate is rich and full bodied up front. But the soft midpalate is marred by excessive wood notes and the finish is beyond weird. Disjointed, sour acidity fights with the fruit, and the tannins are too soft to matter much. The first sip seems sensuous and promisingly powerful but the more you drink the more it tastes lewd and dissolute, its flavors pumped up and garbled.

Flamboyant and tawdry like a bogus glam rock band from the 70’s,

Score: 82

Price: $10

Alc: 13%

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