Budget Wine Review: George Wyndham Bin 555 Shiraz Australia 2016

george wyndhamIn the early 2000’s, Australian Shiraz was the hot new wine until they started exporting cheap, sugary plonk with cute animals on the label to keep up with demand. Soon they gained an international reputation for selling cheap, sugary plonk and the market for Australian Shiraz plummeted. If they want to get their market share back maybe they should stop selling wines like this.

Fruit forward with plum aromas, hints of chocolate and a bit of sweet oak on the simple nose. The palate has the same plum/chocolate thing going on but it’s cloying, just too sweet, with exposed wood notes midpalate and an odd sourness on the finish making the wine seem hard. An awkward wine even for the price, it has enough fruit power to wash down a pizza and the medium plus body will stand up to barbecue, but as a sipper it gives little pleasure.

Owned by the conglomerate Pernod Ricard.

A simple song, slow of pace, dark and moody will be a compatible companion, such as the Black Keys’ To Afraid to Love You.

Score: 83

Price: $10

Alc: 14.4%

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