A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

vineyards-3094144__340Australia’s Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine interviews wine writer Elaine Chukan Brown. The Interview is here.

Caroline Henry reports on the worrisome, very wet winter in Champagne.

Tom Wark argues that the real motive behind the Napa County Watershed and Woodland Initiative is to stop growth in the wine industry.

The Wine Curmudgeon is, well, very curmudgeonly about the Super Bowl.

Selected Reviews:

Jamie Goode enthusiastically endorses Hervé Souhaut Syrah 2016 IGP Ardèche, France, a Syrah that comes in at 11.7% alcohol.

1Wine Dude reviews a Merlot and Chenin Blanc from Simonsig, the Stellenbosch producer.

Lushious Lushes profiles several affordable wines from Cru Bourgeois du Médoc.

Pull That Cork reviews two Pinot Noir from Windrun, the Santa Barbara producer.

Jon Thorsen, the Reverse Wine Snob, approves of Bonny Doon’s 2014  A Proper Claret.

Aaron Nix-Gomez reviews the  2015 Domaine Jamet,a Syrah from Cotes du Rhone.

Uva di Troia is indigenous to Italy’s Puglia region but is little known here in the U.S. Mathew Gaughan reviews Villa Schinosa’s Uva di Troia.