A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

vineyard workerHawk WakaWaka (Elaine Chukan Brown) writes about the challenges and need for well-trained vineyard workers in Sonoma.

Mike Veseth, The Wine Economist, has an informative piece on various strategies wineries are using to give city folks access to wine country.

The Wine Curmudgeon keeps us up-to-date on three-tier and direct shipping news.

Sarah Abbott (MW) writes about the perils and pleasures of alcohol consumption in light of the contemporary temperance movement.

Miquel Hudin at Wine On Six has a thoughtful post on the present and future of wine blogging.

Richard Hemming (MW) explains the allure of buying en primeur.

Elizabetta Tosi has a comprehensive introduction to Amarone at Palate Press.


Selected Reviews:

Meg Houston Maker reviews a rare, affordable Barolo of good quality from Fontanafredda.

Allison Levine profiles Crowded House, a Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir producer from Marlborough, New Zealand.

Lisa Johnston reviews an Australian Fiano  from Oliver’s Taranga Vineyard, an Italian white varietal growing in popularity in the land down under.

Tom Lee at Zinfandel Chronicles reviews the 2014 Turley Zinfandel Pesenti Vineyard.

JVB Uncorked finds a perfect sparkler for Valentine’s Day, the Yarden 2011 Brut Rosé from Golan Heights Winery, Galilee, Israel