Clips and Quips

  • newspaper 2Wine Access claims “Millennials Plan to Spend More Money on Wine than Any Other Age Group.” I hope they have a plan to get money when robots take their jobs.
  • Are you planning a European vacation this summer? Do you want to restock your cellar with Burgundy and Bordeaux? The U.S. dollar is tanking in Europe. The Euro has gained about 18% in the past year. More reason to buy local.
  • This will have to end sometime. “ Pinot Noir overtook Red Blends as the second most common varietal shipped. [Direct-to-Consumer sales only] Two of the most important wines to the DtC channel, Cabernet Sauvignon shipments increased 16% in volume and 18% in value, and Pinot Noir shipments increased 15% in volume and 16% in value. Together, these two wines accounted for over 45% of the value of all shipments from wineries to consumers.” The more Pinot we drink the harder it is to keep up with demand, the more marginal vineyard sites are planted with Pinot. The more swill they make. With all the interesting wines out there at smaller wineries why do we always drink the same stuff?
  • They’re coming for your favorite bottle. “In the mid-2000s, Constellation Brands purchased brands that sold $7 to $9 a bottle, according to Zepponi. The company’s more recent acquisitions include labels such as The Prisoner Wine Co. and Meiomi that sell $20+ bottles.”

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