A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

elqui valleyAlice Feiring tells tales of her trip to Chile’s Elqui Valley, an extreme, dry, forbidding place for grapes made arable through irrigation.

Pam Strayer discusses a new study from Sonoma State suggesting that 56% of consumers prefer Organic or Biodynamic standards for wine when compared to sustainable.

Reverse Wine Snob lists the best wines at Trader Joe’s.

The Academic Wino has an informative post on the wine shipping laws and wine clubs, useful if you’re shopping for last minute gifts.

The Wine Economist travels to Madeira and uncovers that island’s past and present in a visit to Blandy’s.

Meg Houston Maker reviews a Nerello Mascalese from Contrada P, a winery on Mt. Etna. We should drink more of that grape.