Budget Wine Review: Santa Carolina Pinot Noir Leyda Estate Chile 2016

santa carolinaHow about some pyrazine punch? Pyrazine is the chemical compound that gives wine vegetal, green pepper aromas. In modest amounts, especially in some white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc they can be pleasant. But it’s usually considered a flaw in red wine unless it’s handled very carefully. In this wine it’s the dominant aroma note and is quite distracting. Lurking behind the green pepper is some cherry aroma but that’s set against a chemical note that’s also unpleasant. This is just careless winemaking.

The palate is a significant improvement. It’s soft and medium bodied, with a simple, candied cherry flavor. Fresh, crisp and juicy in the mouth, it finishes with a tart, citrus note. ‘

There is something to be said for Pinot Noir at this price and the wine is refreshing but it’s hard to recommend a wine with such unpleasant aromas.

Pair with something bright and zippy like Kylie Minogue In Your Eyes

Score: 83

Price: $9

Alc: 13.5%

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