We are a Strange Species

snorting chocolateApparently snortable chocolate is a thing in Europe:

“I found myself in Antwerp at this wonderful place called The Chocolate Line, and they invented snorting chocolate. I bought a whole bunch and brought it home as I wanted people to snort chocolate in my candy store,” she said.

The practice originated in Belgium and was developed by Dominique Persoone, master chocolatier at The Chocolate Line, when he was asked to produce something original for a birthday party held for Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts from the Rolling Stones. What Mr Persoone came up with was a device, the ‘Chocolate Shooter’, where consumers would catapult powdered chocolate up their nose.

WTF? There are people who would rather snort chocolate than eat it? What is wrong with them?

According to his website, The Chocolate Shooter, it gives “a blast of chocolate pleasure”, arguing that “recent research has shown how important our nose is to us when tasting food.”

So why not just eat it dummy?

And it is now available in the U.S. This company advertises the “euphoric energy” one gets from snorting it but doctors question these claims as well as noting the risks.

Of course the Stones would be behind this. If you snort chocolate rather than eat it, no wonder you can’t get no satisfaction.

Mick. Pull your guys back from the brink.

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