Battle of Budget Cabs: Barefoot Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon California NV

BarefootIt’s time for a battle of the budget Cabs: a head to head assessment of Columbia Crest, Rex Goliath, Mondavi, and Barefoot.

In a blind tasting it was clear which is the worst of this lot—the Barefoot from E. J. Gallo.  It was also the cheapest although not by much. On the positive side, although I found it less enticing than the others, it is nevertheless not a bad wine.

The nose has black and red fruit with earth, smoke, and coffee hints. In the mouth, the juicy fruit upfront shows some chocolaty depth but quickly fades by midpalate, leaving via a short finish with very little lingering fruit and a charred wood aftertaste. The overall impression is thin and watery despite the promising entrée.  Very soft tannins almost indiscernible , and little acidity.

There is nothing distracting or unpleasant about this wine. Its competent and easy to drink but unsatisfying. #3 will be up next week.

Score: 82

Price: $5

Alc: 13.5%

Maybe its the bar band vibe of Duke Robillard but his “Good Time Charlie” seems to bring out the smoke in this wine


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