jacobs creekYou have to admire Jacob’s Creek, Australia’s #1 wine brand  with an annual case production over 6 million. Has there ever been a more perfectly coiffed wine? Every hair is in place, not a hint of something unpleasant, juicy but not a fruit bomb, not too in your face, not too sweet, just enough acidity to give it life, some oak but its well-integrated, modest tannins to give it some length.

There is even a little complexity–red and black plum, hints of black pepper and eucalyptus, toast, a little dusty earth, chocolate on the palate and a soft, smooth texture. There is just nothing here to offend even the most sensitive palate.

There is also nothing very interesting about it. But for $7 you can suspend your curiosity and revel in benign sanctuary. It isn’t easy to make a wine this safe.

Score: 86

Price: $7

Alc: 13.9

So what’s the most middle-of-the-road, comfort song you can imagine? So many to choose from but this one has to be near the top of the list