BICICLETA_PINOT_NOIR-2011_webBuy inexpensive Pinot Noir at your peril. It is usually slightly sweet, insipid and one dimensional. But this one is actually interesting. The nose is intriguing with leather, subtle smoke and mild wood notes framing ripe strawberry with minty aromas arriving with aeration. It is unusual, even a bit weird but in an endearing way.

On the palate the red raspberry is supported by a bit of glycerin giving it a soft, round texture, with good acidity kicking off a short finish. With only a hint of sweetness and medium minus weight, this is one of the better inexpensive Pinots I’ve found if you like wines with a little personality.

Who’s charmingly weird with a pleasing pop sensibility? Vampire Weekend’s Step

Score: 87

Price: $8

Alc: 13.5