Release Day!

american Foodie2It has finally arrived. My book American Foodie: Taste, Art and the Cultural Revolution goes on sale today.

Americans no longer eat to live; we live to eat. Food has achieved fine art status, a preoccupation as significant as the music we listen to or the books we read. Why has this dramatic change in our interest in food come to pass and what does it mean? I answer those questions in the book. But the thumbnail sketch is that our interest in food is an attempt to achieve control, authenticity, and playful creativity in a public world that increasingly threatens those values.

Whether you are a chef, a home cook, a culinarian, or you just love to eat, this book will explain why taste is a significant part of our lives. Reading it might even make your food taste better!

You don’t have to be a fan of sophisticated food to enjoy this often entertaining illuminating lecture on America’s current taste revolution….Simply Terrific.
— Publishers Weekly

Aww. Gee. Thanks Publisher’s Weekly. (The rest of the review is here.)

Available in hardback and ebook.


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