Budget Wine: La Paca Garnacha Calatayud 2013

la pacaContinuing my exploration of bargain imported wines from Trader Joe’s, here is a very approachable Garnacha (Grenache if you’re French) for $7. Ripe strawberry and dark fruit aromas are complemented with modest vanilla and earth undertones and a pleasing black pepper note that is characteristic of this hot inland region in Northeastern Spain. Medium intensity on nose and palate, and a medium body, it has a soft fruity opening, then a mid-palate mineral lift as the fruit drops off, and becomes slightly woody on the finish with some bitter herbal notes. The finish is refreshing but short and lacks tannin but the fruit/acid balance is good.

A new world preface with an old world conclusion, the transitions in this wine are interesting, and it takes your head in a variety of directions. A great price for an interesting wine.

Score: 87

Price: $7

Alc: 14%

This marriage of old and new worlds is accomplished in the music  realm by the Gypsy Kings, known for fusing rock and pop sounds with Flamenco:

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