If You Like Wines with Finesse, Be Afraid

heat waveFrom Dr. Vino comes this bad news:

Burgundy, which is known for producing wines more winsome than boxum, will have four days in the 100s (39C+) this week–and the balance in the 90s. Yikes. Searing temperatures are expected in Bordeaux, Barolo, Brunello and Britain as well to name a few places starting with “B.”

And the problem may not be limited to Europe. I’m heading to Willamette Valley in Oregon this week where Pinot Noir is king and the temperatures are predicted to creep into 100’s there as well for the next week.

Wines made from grapes that have been exposed to excessive heat tend to have dominant raisin aromas, taste excessively sweet and lack acidity. They become one-dimensional and lack complexity and balance. This is especially true of varietals such as Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo that do best in cool climates.

One week of hot weather, especially early in the season, will not necessarily lead to disaster but it’s not looking good for the 2015 vintage, and scientists predict we can expect such heat waves to occur more often.

Lovers of fine wine may be in for a rough patch. It will take many years to develop vineyards in Norway.

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