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With holiday parties gearing up this bit of news seems appropriate. Did you know you are drinking Champagne wrong? According to Hannah Goldfield, and various wine experts, the Champagne flute is not the best way to taste Champagne. Yes, it concentrates and displays the flow of bubbles to the top of the glass, but it is too narrow and of the wrong shape to capture the aromas or allow the wine to breathe and develop in the glass. The flute is great for visual display, not so good for taste. Instead we should be using an ordinary wine glass for tasting Champagne.

And if you are tired of all those kale salads, kale chips, kale-topped pizza, and kale chiffonade dishes gracing every table in the U.S this year, it might please you to know that Kale is no longer the “in” green. That prize goes to celtuce, a type of lettuce bred in China that is beginning to show up in the dishes of innovative chefs. Never heard of celtuce? Exactly.That’s my point.

How might this news be useful? With all the get-togethers planned for the holidays, where champagne and Kale are bound to make many appearances, you can use information like this to insult your host and generally be a pain in the ass.

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