multiple bottlesWine pairing  for Thanksgiving can be a nightmare. How do you find a wine that will go with turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce, candied yams, the 4 vegetarian dishes you had to make for cousin Harry’s family, not to mention the gluten-free options for Aunt Emily. The short answer is you can’t. There is no wine that will work with the diversity of the typical Thanksgiving meal. Your best approximation would be Pinot Noir for the turkey and stuffing and an off-dry Riesling for some of the sweeter dishes. Both are modest in weight with good acidity and the Pinot will match the earthiness of the standard Thanksgiving fare. But that is just an approximation. Furthermore, there is always the “I-hate-white-wine” guest and the “I-only-drink-Merlot” guest who will not be satisfied.

The solution is to open a variety of wines and let people drink what they want. Include both light and heavier wines, whites and reds. And don’t forget the bubbly which goes with most foods. Between the family feuds, personality conflicts and football, no one pays much attention to the wine pairings anyway. (Which is a  good reason not to open your best bottles.)

Thanksgiving is a day when we like to have a variety of dishes on the table. Why not take the same approach with the wine?

As for me, I’m a guest this year so I’m bringing some domestically-produced Italian varietals and of course the Port. No meal is complete that does not end with Port.