Budget Wine: Mad Housewife Cellars Merlot NV California

mad housewife merlotI like to visit the Mad Housewife on occasion just to see what she’s up to. Mad housewives can be entertaining as long as you don’t live with one.

And I can understand why she’s mad.

Murky aromas of simple black cherry with a soft vanilla background and faint hints of funky earth mark this medium intensity nose. Innocuous but nothing to get riled up about. But take a sip. Despite the light to medium body the palate resembles cough syrup upfront but turns abruptly sour on the midpalate with an acidic finish showing few tannins. Disjoint and distinctly unpleasant. It makes me mad as well. I’m with you mad housewife.

I love it when the marketing reflects what’s in the bottle. Oh. Wait. You mean the wine is supposed to calm the mad housewife, make her feel well disposed toward life, despite a rough day. No way. Not this wine.

You’re paying $8 for a label.

Score: 78

Price: $8

Alc: 13.5

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