Nederberg Cabernet 2011 Winemaster’s Reserve Western Cape South Africa

nederbergSouth Africa makes some fine Cabernet but at the low end of the price range quality is uneven. Nederberg has two centuries of winemaking behind them but this entry level Cab is ordinary.

It does have the characteristic South African herbal quality. A mélange of eucalyptus and smoke with coffee background and red current give the nose some interest. But this is not fruit driven and suggests a lack of ripeness.

On the palate, simple cherry flavors dominate with a touch of candied sweetness, but the body is meager and the finish tart, like a new acquaintance with a bright smile and a sour disposition.

Refreshing with good acidity but the medium grain tannins grip a little  and with the burst of acidity give the wine an impression of rusticity.

This is old world winemaking—California-trained palates will find it austere. It will go well with pizza but is a little overpriced.


Score: 85

Price: $12

Alc: 14%

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