la cettoThe Guadalupe Valley is producing some excellent wines especially in the premium price range. But the few bargain wines from that area that I’ve tasted have been uneven in quality.

L.A. Cetto is the most recognizable, large production wine brand in Mexico. They have been making affordable wines since 1928, and they have plenty of fans. But I’ve yet to taste one of their wines that was not over-ripe, and this Zin is no exception.

The nose gives raisin and dark plum with some funky earth hidden behind the tomato paste and a strong whiff of alcohol.

On the palate, prune and chocolate dominate. Yet, despite the ripeness there is plenty of acidity that makes this a lively drink. Full bodied and viscous with a peppery finish and very little tannin.

This is a stimulating wine but, then, not all stimulation is good. It’s bold and invigorating but when you give it your undivided attention the resemblance to prune juice overwhelms.

Score: 83

Price: $10

Alc: 14%