Ingredient List for Wines?

Andrew Jeffords of Decanter Magazine has a beef:
If you add acid to a tin of tomatoes, you have to fess up. If you add acid to wine, you don’t. I want to know if a wine has had acid added to it, so that I know I am tasting a corrected industrial wine rather than a vin de terroir. It’s more serious than tomatoes!
I’m with Andrew on this. Although the list of ingredients for wine would seem to have fewer dietary consequences than for food, we should leave it up to the consumer to decide. Many wine lovers today are concerned with whether the wines they are drinking are “manipulated” or not and would prefer to know whether what they are tasting is the product of the grapes and their location or chemicals added to correct flavor.
Of course, a list of ingredients would not give you the whole picture; processes matter as much as ingredients. A wine that has undergone micro-oxygenation would not have to list oxygen as an additive. But it would be interesting to know whether sugar, acid, tannin, or color was added.
I’m not quite seeing a compelling argument against it. If you know of one let me know.



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