Hipsters And Food

This article in the Guardianhipster, “The end of the hipster: how flat caps and beards stopped being so cool” got me thinking about current trends in food consumption. (The article is London-centric but it translates well across the pond.)

The title of the article is misleading—it is really about how the meaning of “hipster” changes once ordinary people start to adopt hipster style (and it becomes a commodity exploited by capitalism). The real trend setters will move on to something new once their innovation is no longer a badge of distinction.

Part of contemporary hipster culture is caring about the provenance of your food and drink. If beards, flat caps, and tattoos are on the way out, will locavorism and the whole phenomenon of wanting a personal connection with what we consume go with it?

I hope not because that movement is a form of resistance to the industrial food complex, and it is important to keep up that resistance.

Has locavorism transcended the stage of “fashion trend” to become more firmly rooted in culture?

What say you hive mind?

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