artichoke baked egg

Artichoke-baked egg from
Cooking Stoned

News from the world of food and wine that you might have missed this week.

A chef and a scientist create new flavors through “controlled rot”, otherwise known as fermentation.

Wine in a can has arrived.

Does speed-aged whisky (by mixing the spirit with chopped barrel wood and subjecting it to pressure) taste as good as traditionally-aged whiskey. Not according to this expert.

Wine economist Mike Veseth discusses the global fine wine market

Dunkin’ Donuts introduces a glazed-doughnut breakfast sandwich (a fried egg with smoked bacon inside a glazed doughnut).

Are there any new classics in the world of wine? Matt Kramer considers.

Will we give more handouts to rich farmers while cutting food stamps?

A glimpse of your future. Pizza-delivering drones.

What’s behind the protests in Turkey? Could it be further restrictions on alcohol consumption?

Sometimes Michael Pollan says silly things. Here is a critique of his guidelines for diners.

Celebrated food critic Mimi Sheraton discusses her 10 most memorable meals.

“Moo-shine clubs” distribute raw milk—illegal in many states in the U.S.—to customers who swear by its superior taste. A Wisconsin jury recently acquitted a “milk-liberation” activist who implausibly linked his cause to that of Rosa Parks.

The personal chef of recently departed North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il tells all.