Amuse Bouche

News Stories from the world of food and wine that you might have missed this week, some humorous, some not so much.

  • I haven’t been to a steakhouse in a long time. Josh Ozersky explains why they are relics whose time is passed; and he is brutal.
  • Why didn’t I think of this? The chork–part fork, part chopsticks and the solution to East/West relations.
  • You might not want to read this with breakfast. Nicholas Kristof describes, in some detail, the problems with industrial egg production.
  • Have you ever been frustrated working with phyllo dough? Here are some simple tips to make it a little easier.
  • If you can’t get to burgundy this year, here is video tour of the vineyards of Gevrey Chambertin the justly famous villages that produces wonderful pinot noir.this tour will take you there.
  • The wine classification system in Europe is increasingly under attack. Here is an informative article about Rioja wines (Spain) and the problems with their classification system which is based on the number of years a wine has been aged.
  • There are reports that the surplus of wine grapes in California the past few years, which has made lots of quality cheap wine available, is over—higher prices are on the horizon. But there are those who think the shortage by itself will not increase prices in the near term.

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