Amuse Bouche

News items in the food world you might have missed this week:

  • The LA Times decides to stop awarding stars in their restaurant reviews. And the decision has become controversial. Here is a rundown of the controversy.
  • Tijuana gets some love. Southern California foodies are flocking to Tijuana to find inspiration.
  • While we are on the subject of Mexican food, Serious Eats is conducting their own version of March madness—a tournament to discover the best Taco in the U.S.  (San Diego’s Cuatro Milpas gets a mentin. Here are their brackets and the Sweet Sixteen contenders: East, Midwest, South, West
  • This should not be a surprise, but celebrity chefs seldom write their own cookbooks. Here is the scoop on what its like to be a cookbook ghostwriter.
  • A fascinating story about cilantro, taste conversion, obsession, and the meanings that we attach to certain foods

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