A Debate About Wine as Art

Tom Wark at Fermentation initiated an interesting discussion today about wine considered as an art. He is skeptical:

I’m often inclined to wince at these descriptions of wine and its making primarily because wine is not art, winemakers are not artists and the label “art” applied to wine seems an affectation of sorts to me.

But he goes on to draw a number of parallels between wine and art that call his skepticism into question. At any rate, I’ve joined the conversation in the comments section.

So head on over to Fermentation and check out the discussion.

Fermentation, by the way, is an excellent site for staying on top of issues in the wine business. Always worth a read.

One comment

  1. I found your comments on Tom’s blog perceptive and articulate. Thank you.

    Thomas Matthews
    Executive editor
    Wine Spectator

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