For Wine Lovers

blood from a stoneI don’t have time to read this right now, but I’m putting it on my list for next summer.

Karen McNeil wrote a brief review of Blood from a Stone: A Memoir of How Wine Brought Me Back from the Dead.” The author Adam McHugh is an ordained minister whose specialty was hospice care—consoling people who are dying. After being laid off from his job, he is faced with pulling his life together.

As McNeil writes:

And so begin McHugh’s tentative steps to becoming a man concerned more with living than dying. In an attempt to rescue his marriage and because he adores wine, he and his wife take a vacation to France. Anyone who remembers their first experiences in Paris and French wine country will delight in McHugh’s glee and gratitude as he eats and drinks his way toward his own salvation. After France, there is no going back to dark-night ministry in the City of Light. McHugh finds himself drawn to the serenity of Santa Barbara’s vineyards. Once the consoler, he is now the consoled. The soulfulness of Pinot Noir is as nurturing as a prayer.

I won’t tell the rest of the story here, except to say that as the plot unfolds, McHugh’s insights into wine—sometimes serious, sometimes so funny you’ll laugh out loud—are thoroughly engaging. His is a singular kind of wine writing: Deeply personal. Rich with humanity. Uplifting.

There is really only one beverage that can rescue a life.

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