I Don’t Know What to Say


Jennie Cho Lee MW posted this photo on her twitter feed with the following text:

Yes you are seeing correctly – Korean fried chicken with 2001 Ramonet Montrachet & Screaming Eagle 04 & 91 DRC Romanée-Saint-Vivant! When the wines are amazing & the food is simple and delicious, it just works!

I like Korean fried chicken but would I choose it to eat with these three amigos? Wouldn’t a modestly priced grower Champagne be more appropriate (if skipping the sweet sauce)?

One thing I’m quite sure of. I will never get to test if Jennie is on to something.

druid's fluidAnd this is off topic but I thought I would mention it. This is the best name for a wine I’ve seen in quite some time.  (The Druid’s were ancient Celtic priests who were in charge of human sacrifices.) It makes me want to buy the label. What would it mean for this wine to be worthy of the name?

It’s a biodynamic red blend from Troon Vineyard. I haven’t tasted it but Craig Camp’s wines are always top notch.

One comment

  1. I share your skepticism Dwight!!
    And agree with sparkling wine as being the more likely alternative. But I’m not Korean or an MW, so what do I know??


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