Irritating Server Habits

irritating waiterNow that people are back in restaurants again, it’s time to revisit irritating server habits:

Overly familiar:

“Hi. I’m John”

[Should everyone at the table introduce ourselves, shake hands, inquire about John’s well-being?]

Stating the Obvious:

“I’ll be your server tonight”

[Oh. I thought you were here to fix my car]

Invading Privacy

How does that risotto taste?

[Here John. Have some. You be the judge.]

Referring to eating as labor

Are you still working on that steak?

[Can I get a deduction on my bill for overtime?]

Not knowing the wine list

“I don’t know. I’ll have to ask the bartender. But I’m sure it’s good!”

[“Sure” doesn’t mean what you think it means]

Being the chef’s personal ad man

“Everything on the menu is amazing!”

[That tells me more about you than about the food]

The stealth upsell

Listing the specials without stating the price

[Nice try, but I’m onto your game]

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