Wine Review: Dow’s Late Bottled Vintage Porto 2016

dow lbvIf you think of Ruby Port as a sweetish, dense, unpleasantly heavy wine, this LBV from Dow will disabuse you of that notion. This is a dessert wine but one that will have you craving the next sip.

The nose shows blueberry pie, raisin, floral hints, and refined cedar with a smoky quality. The palate is dense and lush up front but evolves with brisk energy and a lovely fresh quality that complements the relatively dry, savory finish that rests on firm tannins and crisp acidity. And it has legs. I tasted it several times over the course of two weeks with no discernible deterioration when stored in the refrigerator.

Casual, lively, and smooth, it’s a perfect match for the dulcet tones of Miles Davis’ horn on So What.

Notes: Late Bottled Vintage Ports are typically bottled only in good years. They are more affordable versions of Vintage Ports using grapes that didn’t make it into the primary cuvée. Dow’s version is aged in oak for 4-6 years and are ready to drink upon release.

Score: 92

Price: $25

Alc: 20%

Review based on an industry sample

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