Wine Review: Dos Minas Torrontes Cafayate Argentina 2019

dos minas torrontesIn the dead of winter, this wine will take you where all is air and light under a vigorous summer sun.

The scent of rose petal provides Torrontes’ signature soapy fragrance, joined by tangerine, grapefruit, and mint with a hint of sea breeze.

Well balanced and refreshing on the palate, nestled between textured dry extract and angular acidity, the softening lines of pure fruit insinuate richness, despite its featherweight. A bit of spritz inspires a dance of strangers as the wine finishes tartly.

Carefree and gleeful, like a wacky child, it has no serious purpose but to make you laugh and sing under Bebel Gilberto’s Jabuticaba tree.

Notes: Grapes grown in the high altitude desert of Cafayate, Salta, Argentina. Commercial yeast and brief carbonic maceration, aged in stainless steel.

Score: 88

Price: $14 (purchase here)

Alc: 12.5%

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