Wine Review: Kris Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie DOC 2019

kris pinot grigioA good price for this wine that hails from the home of Pinot Grigio. But be prepared for a tale of too tart.

Pretty aromas belie a hectoring cry in the top notes, like early Taylor Swift, its good cheer, strident and brittle, on the verge of collapsing into anxiety. The fruit power just gives up, tired of seeking repose that never comes.

The nose is quite fetching, although not overly generous, with muted pear, red apple, hints of tangerine, stone, and floral notes. Grapefruit and crushed rock minerality embellish the palate, finishing with almond skin and lemon zest.

Lightweight and angular, that top note cut a constant presence, there is some nice richness at midpalate, but the wine hurries through this phase without saying hello and your attention is invariably captured again by that hectoring cry. The slight grain in the texture gestures at a firmer foundation but it’s only a gesture.

Notes: Grapes are sourced from Veneto, Alto-Adige, and Friuli. Stainless steel fermentation and ageing, 3-6 months.

Score: 88

Price: $10-$16

Alc: 12.5%

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