Shameless Self-Promotion

Coming Soon:

cover 1

Jacket Copy:

Wine is more than a beverage. Like great works of art, the most interesting wines have originality, dynamism, emotional resonance, and personality. Discover how wine can be so expressive in this remarkable philosophical romp through the aesthetics of wine production and wine appreciation.

Previous work on the philosophy of wine has shown wine to be an important source of aesthetic experiences. “Beauty and the Yeast” takes this argument in surprising new directions. It analyzes wine as an expressive, living organism that challenges our assumptions about creativity, beauty, good taste, and objectivity, and explains why the changing landscape of wine requires that we rethink the role of established wine traditions. The book offers unique philosophical insights into the nature of wine appreciation, wine language, and wine criticism, and explores a novel approach to wine tasting that reveals our emotional attachment to wine.

Written to appeal to thoughtful wine lovers with no background in philosophy. After reading, you will never taste wine the same way again.

Thanks to all of you who made suggestions about the cover. I chose this one because it is eye-catching, unique, and captures the book’s theme—wine’s vitality, its similarity to a living organism, explains wine’s aesthetic appeal.

Also, coming soon—a redesign of the blog.

This week marks the 9th anniversary of Edible Arts. Time for a new look.


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