Wine Review: Marjan Simcic Ribolla Crus Selection Brda Slovenia 2017

marjan simcicThis is one gorgeous wine from the lovely amber color with gold highlights to the olfactory orgy of red apple and apricot highlighted by orange zest, lavender, and juniper. But the irresistible, seamless beauty on the palate is the show stopper.

This is a skin-contact white wine with a rich but stunningly delicate palate. A refreshing tart thin top layer rests on a spacious yet weightless layer of minerality—transparent like spring water but ethereal, “the beauty of morning, silent and bare” to quote Wordsworth.

Refined, elegant tannins enter early, gently framing the thick yet diaphanous midsection. The wine executes a slow dance, the mineral layer passing from limpidity to stone to chalk as it is gradually enveloped and absorbed into the wine’s structure leaving a fragile wisp of fruit to persist through the long, sinuous finish.

Airy, delicate, and dreamy, this wine yearns for nothing. It is complete in itself.

I visited this winery when in Slovenia for a brief tour. It sits just across the border from Italy’s Friuli region. Simcic makes some of the most expressive wines I have tasted.

This wine needs the finest in dreampop for it’s accompaniment, Mohave 3’s Love Songs on the Radio.

Technical Notes: The grapes are macerated for 6 days in 3,000 liter conical oak barrels, the fermentation uses native yeasts. The spends 12 months on the lees in those barrels and then 6 months in 500 liter oak barrels.

Score: 94

Price: $27

Alc: 13.5%


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