Wine Review: Bernard Baudry “Les Grezeaux” Chinon 2017

bernard baudryThis Loire Valley Cabernet Franc pulsates with giddy vigor. Earthy, spontaneous, and trippy, if it were a person she would be dressed in a long flowing skirt, tank top with love beads, and a daisy in her hair.

The nose pops with bold, red raspberry and rose, joyously funky beast musk, and background hints of jalapeno. The mouthwatering, stony palate bounces like a caffeinated bunny showing its exquisite acid/tannin balance in fits and starts around a narrow seam of persistent, juicy pomegranate. Edgy but finely etched tannins carry through the tart, lengthy finish.

Excellent quality for the price.

The Jefferson Airplane’s Somebody to Love was a natural fit, but in the end, the syncopated rhythms of Haim’s The Wire resonated with the floating, leaping patter of this jewel.

Technical Notes: Grapes harvested from 65 yr. old vines. Fermented with native yeast, aged 12 month in 3-5 yr. old barrels.

Score: 92

Price: $25 (Purchase here)

Alc: 12.5%

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